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Row on Row: US Military Graves, Cemeteries, and Memorials

Do you have a relative buried in a U.S. military cemetery? Would you like to know who takes care of that cemetery? Carl Fields will cover the extensive system of various types of military cemeteries on U.S. or foreign soil. Along the way, “stories” behind several unusual ones will be highlighted, such as a cemetery managed by the Veterans Administration where each of the 200+ graves is occupied by an officer—of the Confederate Army. The location of this cemetery is also surprising; it is in northern Ohio.

Mr. Fields will also cover what was—during the 1950s—probably the most famous military grave in the nation: General Grant’s Tomb (in New York City, believed to be the largest tomb in the U.S.). A joke question, “Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?”, was asked almost every week on a TV comedy-quiz show hosted by Groucho Marx. The question was seldom answered completely.

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